Mentoring advice: Being congruent – building rapport and trust

Mosaic mentor and studentsBuilding rapport and trust with your mentees will help them engage and gain maximum benefit from the experience. Being congruent will help you achieve this – ensuring your words, body language and voice tone are all in unison.

This will help mentees relax and be open to learning, self-discovery and be inspired by your experiences. When we are being congruent other people are more likely to believe us and trust our messages.

Experiment with the following steps:

  1. When you are speaking be aware of what your body language and voice tone are saying, and ask yourself:  To what extent do they match what I’m saying verbally?  E.g. if I’m saying to mentees: “I’m open to hearing your opinions and ideas” but I’ve got my legs and arms crossed then I’m giving a mixed message which will be confusing on some level and may inhibit the flow of conversation.
  2. How often is there a gap between what you want to say and what you actually say? If you have identified a gap, try talking this through with someone you trust to identify why and to explore ways you can say more of what you really want to that is appropriate and for the benefit of the mentees.

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